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  • Casually twist on the United nike shoes States and the United States kink shoes, contract the entire summer!

    See tired of the street classic small white shoes, and do not like to wear easy to look sloppy bath drag, this summer may wish to double twist shoes comfortable and wild. It has a bow to bring girls elegant, there are shoes on the streets with the sex. Lazy girls together to see this summer, as long as a pair of kinks shoes, casually wear can go out to play ~ you think the summer can only wear spring series of small white shoes?Then you may not know ~ these pairs of large twisted board shoes, has a lot of women to give up high heels it! In fact, the difference between twisted board shoes and small white shoes, lies in the twisted board shoes casual in their own elegance, temperament had no effort to work ~

    Bow design, vaguely distributed a lovely girl atmosphere, yet its original simplicity and leisure. Accompanied by tannins single product was the most youthful! Accompanied by tannins trousers, shirts, net socks and other different styles of a single product is also not violated, wild degree 100%! Twisted board shoes easily stiffened shoes, instantly into the girl's warmth and playful. Plus the matte finish of the cheap nike shoes color as a color, not to mention friends ~ short version of the jacket and jacket comes with cool, can be coupled with black bow shoes up and down echoes, the overall shape becomes soft up. But do not think that dark or cool color kinks, can only take the personality of the street wind Oh ~ with half skirt, plus some rich girl little thought of a single product: round, smile bags, etc., can easily bring kinky elegant Girl feeling.

    Whether it is warm or cool color design, exaggerated kink design is to highlight your most slender ankle! Want to be thin and do not want to wear the same law with others to give you ~ satin material of the large kink to join the all black nike shoes design of high-heeled high summer wear shorts out, Though ... walking tired of the point, but the beauty do not want to leg type, and then tired also worth it ~ nothing more than dress + slippers more summer look! Long dress elegant, coupled with kinky slippers comfortable elegance, around you is the youth of the nike shoes on sale atmosphere ~ minimalist wear style, put on a girl twisted slippers. Style is no longer cold, simple and stylish! Is it best for lazy girls?

    2017-06-23 11:26:03
  • Full value of the slippers, and quickly add a new shoe to the shoe

    Gorgeous summer came Oh ~ with hot summer wind, warm sun, white clouds ~ ~ summer is a good season to go to the beach ~ I heard that the models will go to the summer every summer to the beach sun Out of wheat skin! Of course, like white you can also bring your sunglasses, sun hat nike clearance store to the beach ah ~! So what about going to the beach?First, sunscreen, although you want wheat color, less sunscreen, your skin will hurt Oh; second, bikini or swim trunks (girls are best to prepare a beautiful da da sunscreen Oh) Wearing a suits to go; third, of course, to prepare a pair of super soft smooth slippers ~ if you wear sports shoes, shoes and shoes like shoes, I am afraid you will become nike sale the focus of the audience Oh ~

    Flip flops with ultra-fiber fabric, three-dimensional and breathable, so that fresh air can be free in your shoes to the cycle of black and white nikes reinforcement of the word with the design not only not grinding feet, and increase the life of the word band, so you do not have Worried about wearing too long and was damaged, there will not be out to play the word with the sudden collapse of the concerns ~ neat car suture reinforcement shoe body, extending the life of the shoes, increasing the beauty of the shoes ~ elastic waterproof soles, so You do not change the Chinese do not deformation Oh ~ non-slip soles to wear more comfortable and comfortable Oh ~ slippers with soft rubber soles let you wear more comfortable, in addition to comfort, and resistance to the super bar ~ avoid you worry about slippers off Worry Oh ~ air max 90 fashionable braided shape in the surface to join the shoe paste the element, is not let you kind of simple and trendy feeling?Simple black rendering simple summer ~ hot summer, and your partner to play on the beach must choose a pair of such a trend of slippers ~ with some sports brand clothing, really cool Oh ~ flip with lightweight materials, so You wear a quiet and light ~ multilateral diamond-shaped design to make this paragraph character drag unique - even more special ~ slippers center of the English letter printing highlights the simple trend of Europe and the United States ~ waterproof anti-skid design allows you to wear rainy days are not afraid of slippery To oh ~ white and black match, classic and not old-fashioned ~ home, outside the two correct

    Rubber foam soles with a new type of design, add the elements of the sandals, fashion and simple ~ cloth of the word design so you do not have to worry about wearing your feet worn ~ non-slip, breathable effect, so you wear more comfortable ~ Summer to the beach to play you, really do not buy a pair of ~ ~ ~

    2017-06-22 11:15:59
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