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  • Brown boots with how to change the temperament of the goddess

    Some people say that khaki the most temperament, black most wild, but at the same time both the two a little color, that is brown! Today we come to see how brown boots with the charm of it to play to the extreme it Cold struck, shoe full of all kinds of boots put on. So, which must be a pair of retro temperament with brown boots it, wild skill second only to black boots, but better than black boots to create their own characteristics, and nike factory store more eye-catching! However, the brown boots are not easy to control, let us take a look at Europe and the United States fashion street shooting, these big coffee is how to wear brown boots it

    Brown leather with brown boots, with the color of the body in recent years is the highest rate of appearance, dressed in retro brown moments can be full of black and white in the winter stand out, uniform color and texture, temperament doubled! May wish to add a distinctive bag accessories as a decoration, brighten the body, fashion plus points! Fashionable road is reincarnation, the two major brands have been out of a variety of animal patterns of works, leopard, serpentine, zebra and back to the fashionable stage! Yellow serpentine leather with a pair of brown boots, not just retro Oh, more wild woman taste! Suit suit comes to the competent tough feeling, a woman wearing more handsome than her boyfriend, bean sand brown and yellow brown with together to create a simple sense of hierarchy, and hats, bags, boots with the color, echo each other! The overall look is simple and not simple! Small details determine success or failure Oh.

    Believe that fashionable baby should be found, this year velvet appearance rate is very high, whether it is velvet boots, or velvet suit, have been the major actress have been deduced. Emerald green velvet suit suit with a pair of brown boots, both with complement each other! Fun texture. Extremely low-key cold wind has passed, this year is to be fancy, bright in power! A full-fledged dress to help you attract enough eyes, and then with a pair of brown boots to form a simple contrast!

    2017-03-23 13:31:47
  • Shoes have smell how to do?How to remove shoes smell

    Shoes have smell how to do?Every time I buy new shoes, will encounter such a problem, new shoes, more or less will be a little smell, that shoes have smell how to do?How can we remove it?What do I say if the shoes have a smell?

    1. Before the new shoes are not worn, the mouth contains white wine, evenly sprayed in the shoes inside or on the mat (be careful not to spray on the upper), until not absorbed so far, and then dry. Wet stink! Old shoes can also use this method! Very effective Oh! I used to Oh! You may wish to try Oh

    2. Take a mothball, crushed with paper bag, the camphor pill powder pad in the insole, you can keep the shoes dry, eliminate the smell of shoes Oh.

    3. Sometimes, the smell of shoes is because our socks smell, so we have nike store to remove the smell of socks, we have to pour a little white vinegar in the water, the socks for a while, and then wash the water with a soap box, So that not only can remove the smell, but also play the role of sterilization Oh.

    4. shoes, the smell is sometimes not the shoes themselves, but because the shoe put a lot of shoes, a lot of shoes taste together, then as long as we let the shoe in the shoe, you can easily remove the shoe The smell of the.

    5. Everyone in the removal of shoes when the smell, to pay attention to point Oh, mothballs can not be directly and foot contact, with camphor pill powder do not need every day sun, inside the camphor pill powder only once every other time Oh. Camphor pill can play the role of antibacterial, can kill the shoes because of the damp and multiply a large number of bacteria, while removing the strong smell.

    2017-03-23 12:00:22
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