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  • Skirt with sports shoes, Queen's Day with the most tide

    The most beautiful that a skirt can not only with the sweater, but also with the shoes, such a set is complete enough. T-shirt is the fashion trend of the sweater, the next coat is cute and lovely, can be liberal arts fresh, can be retro art skirt, and finally this a sports shoes, then it must be comfortable enough. First of all to a never out of date, as if a year are popular in the single-breasted high waist leisure was thin minus cowboy A word skirt, single-breasted design is very personality nike free 5.0 it?Is to add a simple design for the new beautiful, as well as the waist of the decorative belt can also be selected. In terms of sports shoes, it is necessary to be comfortable to be the first to meet the conditions, the second is that it is light, that is, light, can be convenient, but also simple and wild, that look at this a leisure Gan sports shoes, since the conditions are met, it would be right?But also a cowboy skirt, but this is a rare tribal tassel denim skirt more unique place is here, the hem made a irregular design, or tassel design, feeling a bit more casual, more A bit leisure fashion feeling, fashion, to see here!

    Matte surface, or have the charm of people's heart. And then look at this a scrub cute bear students small fresh low to help shoes, the most eye-catching details of the design is of course that lovely patch ah, the baby to see the bear at first glance has been in love with it! Buy buy it! Black pack skirt, enough Slim was thin, but also enough sexy charming! It is just the case, then this is a Korean version of the ring zipper large black skirt is also too monotonous! So, there is a little design is the metal buckle with, must be bright spots. Simple and generous pair of pair of sports shoes, is this simple, then doomed to this one Korean version of the shoes should have a good shoe, that is fashionable wild, if with the upper skirt, it is beautiful, the movement of the wind clean and neat The kind of bright beauty! The kind of natural beauty.

    Lattice element of the emergence of a word, then this is a nike factory outlet beautiful style of the United States are nostalgic literature and art, and look at this a high waist lattice dress, is there a feeling of college style?That feeling is right, sweet age, fashion nike shox Western style ~ because wild word, then such a wild running shoes can be a color! Who can escape the wild of the powerful, and look at this a casual shoes, is a simple solid color, the effect of the foot is definitely a rod, and comfortable inside, the shoes will become enjoyment. Big skirt appearance, that is, wear out a grace and gas field, take a look at this section of a large high waist was thin A large skirt, upper body after the effect of scrambled chicken! Must be elegant and generous, but also because of the black lace, it is with a little bit of a small sexy. The last of a small white shoes, small series will emphasize the last point of attention, sports or casual shoes, but also pay attention to the thickness of the soles and comfort, look at this one leather thick white shoes, that is Stick stick It is necessary to nike shop be such a quality, can be loved.

    2017-04-24 20:16:08
  • High heels will be able to expose your taste you choose the shoes yet

    I do not know you found no, some people obviously not so high value, the body has attractive temperament, or is very clean and simple, or very dignified, or a small fresh and pleasant, or very warm fashion, sum up a word , They have a very high degree of tolerance of the temperament, because the high pressure, so that a common face glow with a pleasant feeling. How can you have such a tall temperament, let more people like you?From your feet to start it, to fulfill the real transformation plan. Letter tied with Baotou high heels; classic fashion small pointed, on the foot of the nike air max women graceful high heels, soft and comfortable inside the first layer, must let you wear comfortable meaning. Letters after the buckle fashion by age, adding a fashion element. Lovely bow knot flowers, so that the whole spring in your ankle blooming, whether it is strolling through the streets or pacing in the flowers, will be spring. Exposed to the end of the word buckle with the shoes; comfortable rough with the increase was thin, so you are walking step by step lotus move, swaying, full of elegant fashion female atmosphere. Shiny straps, lively and angry, showing the color is nike shoes on sale very white, while the modified foot type, was thin. nike clearance store The back with the package, warm care of your heel, the girls must take good care of themselves in order to have the power to chase the dream.

    Bohemian style soft bottom beach shoes; thick exotic, like Lu Yu's passionate children, gestures thousands, people shines at the same time as if the body of foreign magic. Weaving strap is fine live, beaded string is not only the magic of others, but also for the shoes of the trend of color elements. Flat with, and easy to travel, every step is very safe, the beach must have the money. Pointed suede with thick heels; break the traditional wild rough with, on the one hand you instantly increased, on the other hand, taking into account the high heels easy to fall, improve the security. Delicate strap delicate and delicate, naturally falling feet but a kind of charming tenderness. Matte suede toe comfortable and soft, solid color generous calm, small incense wind hit, there is a sense of noble and elegant. You and the distance of fashion, only a pair of shoes. Baotou word buckle with the OL shoes; warm small fragrance of the elegant temperament in the lovely, noble and soaked in peace. Classic pointed, domineering fine, even if it is hated days high to step on the foot, the arrogance of the crowd must have the faith of the Queen. Proud of their own, independent and strong is their own, I heard that step on the 8 cm high-heeled girl never easy tears, probably because there is such a persistent in it.

    And the color of the design can always burst out of a different spark, like the collision of the cold feeling, the final result is always very beautiful. Lace buckle exquisite type, empty back sexy charm. Super high with the addition of not unexpected, filling the beautiful beauty of women. Shuttle in the city you are occasionally confused, as long as the foot still kobe shoes stepping on high heels, never bow down sigh. Some people as if born with high heels insulation, every step will be high-heel feet, if you do not want to try this kind of pain, wedge shoes can be considered, is simply to save the careless sister's intimate good things The Both as high-heeled shoes as high, strong gas field, but also reduce the high-heel to worry about. Simple hit the color, wild and no trend. Fish mouth pearl string with rough with the women's shoes; fish-mouth type of toe exposed toe, little effort was thin, slender. Wide upper to further reduce the foot area, solid color colored optional, are the color of the summer, filled with summer style. Exquisite pearl string around the ankle, more elegant and gentle feeling. In the design is not high, but still can wear gas field. Like pure color of the net, wear this pair of shoes you will be clean and gentle.

    2017-04-23 20:18:59
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